The church is progressively devolving into a farce, so it’s understandable that today’s youth aren’t interested in joining Christianity.

If it isn’t a preacher duping unsuspecting churchgoers into purchasing counterfeit items in the name of the Holy Spirit, it is the tolerated immorality among the female members.

In a video that has aroused strong emotions on social media, a female worship and praise team is shown singing to the glory of God while remaining naked.

In the viral video, these female vocalists were only wearing brasseries and panties while leading the church during a worship and parties session, which social media users have since condemned.

The four women may be seen in the film playing one of our local worship anthems while partially nude and holding microphones in front of the crowd.

Several churchgoers, primarily males, can be seen joyously giggling as a result of the “free performance” they were witnessing.

According to several netizens, the Christian Council should quickly locate and secure the church.

Watch the video below,



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