As the 2023 general elections, which begin on Saturday, February 25, heat up, more and more celebrities are speaking out.

Folarin Falana, better known by his stage name Falz, is a Nigerian rapper and attorney. He has issued a powerful message to youths ahead of the election.

The rapper has utilized his platform to emphasize the significance of the next election and how voting is the most effective way to rid the country of bad leadership.

Falz published an Instagram video in which he advised Nigerians not to create excuses for not participating in the upcoming election.

He said, “Oya, the election has not yet arrived; here is my PVC; I’m certain you have yours and are prepared to vote.” I don’t want to hear any of that nonsense about my vote not counting, so what is the point of voting? Oh God, please don’t annoy me, it’s 2023, we’re going through a lot, and if people are still saying that, I have no idea what’s wrong with them.

The rapper suggests that the Labour Party has managed to assemble a formidable third force.

Falz continued, “Somehow, we’ve managed to gain incredible momentum for this formidable third force.” I say to you, “That is entirely feasible. Ignore all the pessimists, cynics, and irresponsible people who clearly enjoy suffering and want to maintain the status quo. Ignore all these people and concentrate on the objective.”

In addition, he counseled the youth not to be persuaded by prior events and to believe that their ballots would not be counted.

Falz is not the only celebrity to have spoken out over the upcoming elections. Prior to what appears to be one of the most vicious elections in Nigeria, numerous celebrities have set up camp with their favourite candidates.




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