Eve Esin on Tinubu's triumph

“We weep!!! Nigeria was a nation.” – Eve Esin on Tinubu’s triumph

Eve Esin, a Nigerian actress, has expressed her unhappiness with the outcome of the recently ended presidential election, which saw the APC’s nominee, Bola Tinubu, win.

“We mourn!!!” the actress wrote in a message on her Instagram page. Nigeria existed as a country. To all those who rigged the election and backed the rigging party, may the outcome come back to haunt you and your descendants.

I now know what you’re made of, supposed intimate friends I know who are cheering this daylight robbery. “Give me some space!!!”

“Please and please, it’s okay to imagine you’ll suffer under the newly elected president… Everyone has the right to vote for whom they want; you cannot come on here and begin cursing yourself and your generation….. incidentally, it’s alright to personalize it if you believe you would suffer under BAT #peace.”

“I feel your suffering,” said another. In fact, the wound is still raw for some of us in Kenya.”

Further reactions can be seen below:

– Nigeria has been unconscious for a long time, and she died today.

– We cannot give up. There must be a light at the end of the tunnel. I trust God will provide for us in Nigeria. We need to pursue, overtake, and reclaim our mandate. But this time, we must be tenacious and tough.

– Sis, it’s still a country. We shall not be hoodwinked into silence!! Something must occur.

– It’s a crying shame that individuals can see the reality but still choose to practice slavery in its current version.

– There is yet hope for Africa. To Nigeria, We aren’t all Nigerians, but we are all Africans. You men waged a good fight for the change you wanted and needed, and I dedicate my heart to you. We’re impressed by your fortitude, and we pray for God’s intervention in such a time as this.

– Do not be concerned. It is most emphatically not over. More to come, and you’ll adore the outcome, I promise.

– Sis…. it’s so sad. Yet we’re not giving up just yet. Peter Obi will continue to rule. It’s still a possibility.

– Only you and your family are in grief.


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