Chioma Akpotha (née Chukwuka) is one of the most well-known Nigerian actresses in the Nollywood business. Chioma Akpotha began her career many years ago, and she has since acted in such blockbuster films as Wives on Strike, Omo Ghetto: The Saga, Lara and the Beat, and others.

If you Google Chioma Akpotha’s age, you can find that she is 42 years old and was born on March 12, 1980. Nevertheless, if the most recent interview conducted by The Punch with Chioma Akpotha is to be believed, Chioma may not be 42 at all. The following is what Chioma Akpotha told the newspaper about her life, age, children, and other topics.

I dislike discussing my personal life. My age is unknown to the general public, and I see no reason to divulge it. Contrary to what is commonly believed, I do not have two boys, but rather a boy and a girl. Although it has been difficult to raise children, I have been able to do it, sometimes with the assistance of my siblings when I am unable. Over the years, God has been faithful and I have been able to control myself. Being authentic has allowed me to avoid scandals. I do not go out of my way to do anything. Celebrity status does not impact my outlook on life. I have always had the same outlook on life, regardless of my celebrity status.

The 12th of March was my birthday, and I am thankful to God for bringing me thus far. I enjoy being in the company of my loved ones. In all honesty, there is nothing I do differently today compared to 15 years ago, with the exception of not worrying about problems. If something is not working, I would simply let it go, rather than wringing my hands over it. What will be, will be. There is a point in life where one simply moves on if things do not go as planned. Prior to ten or fifteen years ago, I was always looking for methods to make things happen or to recruit assistance. I no longer do that, not even now when the country is struggling. I now have a closer relationship with God, which is the most significant development as I age. It was not a deliberate choice, but rather something that occurred naturally over time.

What do you think of Chioma Akpotha’s statement? What do you think about the decision to conceal one’s age? Do you find it unnecessary, or do you understand why some individuals seek to conceal their age?


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