Controversial Esther Nwachukwu, a Nollywood actress, has revealed why she likes dating married men than single ones.

Esther explained in a recent interview why she believes married men take better care of women than single guys.
“I am not currently dating a married man, but I will date one if I encounter one. They are less stressed and provide greater care for women than unmarried men. A married man who has a girlfriend would provide for her. However, single men have divided attention; they are always switching between women.

Esther also emphasized that she does not fear being disgraced or harassed for dating a married guy, while revealing the strategies she employs to avoid being caught.

“One must only observe the boundaries and refrain from interfering with his marriage. As a’side chic,’ one should refrain from calling him at home. As long as he is providing for you, there is no reason to blackmail him with his family. When an individual disrespects the family, danger ensues.

“Whether I date a married man or not, my husband will date a side chick. It is typical. It is in men’s instinct to cheat. The crucial factor is his regard for me.”

The actress also revealed that she actively stirs up controversy on social media in order to increase her popularity.

Her exact words were, “I am not a prostitute. I decided to become controversial because I wanted to get popularity. I have attended so many auditions, but if one does not have the funds to produce one’s own film or pay directors to grant one a leading role, one will remain a “handbag” (being relegated). That is what I want now. I have participated in more than six Big Brother Nigeria auditions. I even made it to the last round, but I was not chosen.

“I have also spent time in Nollywood with no tangible results. Either the director wants to sleep with you in exchange for a part, or you have to pay money, which I deemed absurd. Because of this, I choose to become controversial.”


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