It is the birthday of Nollywood actor, Muyiwa Ademola’s wife, Omolara Akanke, and the actor re-affirmed his love for his wife.

In a post on his Instagram page, Muyiwa revealed that he is still intoxicated with his wife even after two decades.

Counting his blessings, he stated that his wife and children have remained the greatest gifts the creator Has blessed him with.

Complimenting her, he added his wife is specially special and he is glad he made the rightest choice.

“It is your birthday Omolara Akanke. You and our children have remained the greatest gifts the creator Has blessed me with. You are specially special and I am glad I made the rightest choice. You still intoxicate me even after two decades. You shall spend the rest of your life in good health and abundant blessings. AutheBabe. May your life be loaded with riches and prosperity beyond your expectations. Because you have been a wonderful wife Omolara, you shall never lack every single thing your heart desires. Long Life and Abundant Joy Olori Ademola. I love and you know”.

Muyiwa Ademola celebrates wife’s birthday in a sweet way

Last year, Muyiwa Ademola penned a lovely birthday tribute to his wife, Omolara Ademola.

The actor took to his Instagram page to gush over his woman and further described her as one of the most special people to him.

He rained prayers on her and urged his fans to celebrate his wife.

Muyiwa Ademola’s post reads, “It is your birthday Olori Omolara. I celebrate you, the world celebrates you. You are very special to me and you know that. Let me keep in me those virtues that make you an Angel among women. Keep being that special one Akanke. Happy Birthday To You Prettiest. Igba odun, odun kan ni o Omolara. Long life and Everlasting Happiness with sound health. Everyone, please help me in appreciating and celebrating my wife. Love you always baby gal. Cheers to a new year Iyawo mi”.

Muyiwa Ademola celebrates his special soulmate on Valentine

For Valentine’s Day this year, Muyiwa recounted how he grew up surrounded by love.

Sharing a stunning photo of his wife, who he described as his special soulmate, Muyiwa expressed his love for her.

He avowed that love should be a course to be learned in school and should be a pillar on which society should stand.

Muyiwa recounted how his mother would prepare Amala and ask the neighbors for soup. Sometimes, she would prepare a delicious meal ad call their neighbors to join them.

He reminisced on how strangers would lap him to school in buses and how he grew up experiencing real love.

“I Love Love. I Love you Omolara. You have been such a special soulmate to me. Happy Valentines Day Babes.

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