A young Nigerian man took to social media to express his deep regret over the loss of brand-new naira notes in his possession.

Given the country’s current naira scarcity, he admitted that a rat had eaten some of the fresh cash he had stored in a specific area of his home.
The programmer @SkyTech02 tweeted a photo of the notes’ deterioration, which rendered them unusable for transactions.

The guy also posted a photo of the purported rat, which he strung up in a crucifixion position as punishment for the heinous act, in a now-deleted tweet.

“Rat chop new note wey everybody dey struggle for, he’s being questioned right now,” he captioned. New note wey I withdraw ten thousand dollars, dis rat go chop am… Make no mistake about it, you NA UR LAST SUPPER BE THAT OOO We are investigating this evil rat, and we want to know who sent him.”